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Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art 
Centre for Creative Activities  in Ustka
/ ul. Zaruskiego 1a

Country of origin / Ukraine
Discipline / video-art, textile, site-specific art
Period of stay / March – May 2022
Project title / Against the wall

Weronika Teplicka


Centre for Creative Activities in Ustka

20.04.2022 / 5pm


21 – 26.04.2022

And the white world – no color, no sound, no form, no value, no taste

Wasyl Stus

According to official data, more than 205 children have died since the beginning of the russian invasion of Ukraine. 205 flowers made of children’s albums and school notebooks.

24 February saw the outbreak of a full-scale war between russia and Ukraine (which has actually been dragging on for 8 years). The following day I took our son out of Lviv. I thought that in a few hours I would have nowhere and no one to return to, because the occupiers would physically destroy my country. I was unable to take all the essentials I needed for the journey, there was too little time. I took my sunglasses to cover my tearful eyes.

Today is April 20, my country continues to exist and our soldiers defend our lives and our freedom. I’m still wearing sunglasses, but I don’t cry anymore; the human mind has a capacity to adapt to the new situation and accept it as fact. Mass killings of civilians, including children…

I look at my son, who is safe and I think, is it really possible to accept it and agree with it?

Can the parents survive this? Currently, official data indicate the murder of over 205 children.

Every day this “number” grows

Tereza Barabash

Tereza Barabash

was born in 1984 in Lviv, Ukraine. She works with textiles, installation, audiovisual art, and land art. She studied at the Faculty of Artistic Tapestry of Lviv National Academy of Art. She is a two-time grantee of the Gaude Polonia programme of the Minister of Culture (2010, 2016). Since 2010, she has been a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. She has participated in a number of international exhibitions, festivals, plein-air events, art projects in Ukraine and abroad. For her work “Rain in UA” she received many awards, including the Gold Medal and the Akapi Foundation Award for the best debut at the 15th International Triennale of Tapestry in Łódź (2016).