SUNSPOTS / group exhibition

Artists /

Honorata Martin
Agata Nowosielska
Anna Orbaczewska
Patrycja Orzechowska
Aleka Polis
Diana Rönnberg
Agata Zbylut
Marta Zgierska

Curator / Weronika Teplicka

11.04.2024 / 18.00
Centre for Creative Activities in Ustka

11.04 – 23.06. 2024
Small Gallery in Słupsk
Centre for Creative Activities in Ustka

The presence of sunspots may prove that even such an unchanging and stable reference point for the entire universe, can at certain times reveal unexpected variability in its form. Some explain the possibility of sunspots as the first symptoms of impending disasters and cataclysms, and believe that increased solar activity can negatively affect our emotional states. In crisis situations, in anticipation of the inevitable, there may be indifference or increased action, rational people begin to behave incomprehensibly, and people with depressive tendencies act rationally. The exhibition “Sunspots” will will feature works by female artists that speak of loneliness during internal crises, but also caused by external circumstances – and inevitable turning points in life. Attempts to create certain rituals as a form of self-therapy help to purify oneself and free oneself from accumulated affects. Painful experiences become the impetus to guide the creative process and inspire the continuous expansion of artistic practice. Exploring their own bodies and personal experiences, recalling traumatic experiences and discovering herstories, the artists make visible the thesis human being, despite his destructive tendencies towards himself and nature – still remains its most perfect creation.

Honorary patronage

Mayor of the City of Słupsk Krystyna Danilecka-Wojewódzka
Mayor of the City of Ustka
Jacek Maniszewski

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