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Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art 
Centre for Creative Activities in Ustka
/ ul. Zaruskiego 1a

Discipline / photography
Period of stay / March – April 202
Project title / Overlap

Weronika Teplicka

This work consists of two opposite qualities in photo making. One quality is derived from long exposure time shots with a blurry texture, while the other is shot in a fraction of a second and in sharp focus. The emphasis is on the combination of these two qualities and experimenting with the visual expressive power that can be developed in this project. Each of these totally opposing qualities stands for each end of wide range of experiences in social life, from the most satisfying in one end to the most distressful in the other. Overlapping of these narratives leads to visualstrangeness and complications of circumstances happen in everyday life in a specific geographical border, Iran, and in a specific time, Today. /Sina Boroumandi/

Sina Boroumandi

is an artist, designer and architect. She createsaborn in 1980, BA in visual arts, lives and works in Iran. His main media to work with is photography and the fact that it owes its existence to reality (objects in front of the camera) was the strongest reason to be chosen to seek the very essence of reality or the hidden truth which was my main obsession in art. I found out that the fact that photography is capable of copying and representing the world as it is, and it is also believed by public, does not work well in revealing the hidden aspects of it, helped me in experiencing and exploring new ways of seeing photographically and making pictures with the aid of optical effects. Mean that I decided not to manipulate the essential functions of the camera and darkroom, but to work on the various ways to manipulate and modify the light rays which carry the picture through the camera, and exposures as well. sculptural objects, spatial installations, design projects, interior design, digital design and mosaics. She is passionate about combining theoretical work on paper with physical work in workshops and steelworks. Since 2022, together with her brother, she has co-founded and created the Glass Studio. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology, Universidade Lusiada de Lisboa, Studio for Immediate Spaces at Sandberg Instituut, where she earned degrees in art and architecture. Nominated by the curatorial team of GLUE Amsterdam as one of 30 artists with the title “Stretching the Definition of Design”, and by OBJECT Rotterdam as “New Talent 2023”. Aleksandra has participated in exhibitions in Poland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Georgia and Ukraine, including at Het Nieuwe Instituut, the National Dutch Opera, Het HEM, the Museum of Warsaw, and her work has been featured in numerous Polish and foreign media. In July, she will be holding an Artist Fellowship at UrbanGlass in New York, in September her glass sculptures will be exhibited as part of the GLUE festival, and in 2024, in addition to her residency at the Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art, she will also hold an Artist Residency “Arctic Circle” at the Arctic Circle.

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