Today we live in times of the primacy of pragmatism and operational thinking. As a result of civilization changes, technologies are increasingly replacing humans. On a purely individual level, the balance between what it means to be and what affects the sphere of having is also disturbed. For this reason, humanistic culture and its tools for describing and interpreting reality turn out to be even more necessary today. Artistic education of society, and especially its special focus on children and youth, should be of key importance from the point of view of the future of both culture and man.

The most important task of artistic education is to open the field of perception and reception, and, consequently, to prepare young people for optimal reception of contemporary art. On the one hand, it is about providing tools and discreetly improving qualifications to create one’s own interpretation of a work of art, and on the other hand, it is about learning the ability to express one’s own feelings and experiences verbally or through creative activity.

The aim of education understood in this way, which emphasizes the preparation of a conscious, active recipient of old and new art, is – in fact – a translation into practical language of the now quite common slogan of Joseph Beuys – “everyone is an artist”. The educational program should facilitate the discovery of oneself as a creative individual, positively influence the development of personality, sensitivity, empathy and tolerance, and at the same time support the creative functioning of the individual in society.

The Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art in Słupsk has been successfully implementing such an educational program for many years. One of the most popular forms of activity used in this area are art lessons, artistic workshops, meetings with authors and readings. This is the formula adopted by the educational program that has been successfully implemented for many years.

The workshops conducted are interdisciplinary in nature and provide many opportunities to learn about and perceive art through direct participation in the creation process itself. Thanks to the chosen methodology and the multi-aspect presentation of the relationship between art and man, the workshops enable the participants to develop an open and searching attitude towards the surrounding world. The form of artistic workshops is the best cognitive form. Both workshops and art lessons conducted periodically on the occasion of changing exhibitions are designed to better understand the current exhibitions at the Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art.

The program will also continue cyclical meetings with the inhabitants of Ustka and Słupsk entitled: “Historical Thursdays”, as well as family workshops and “Art Yard” for children at risk of social exclusion.

At the Creative Activity Center in Ustka, the educational program is enriched with two studios: sculpture and ceramics and photography and film. Maintaining the workshop form of activities, the workshops gather young people and adult participants in their spaces. Cyclical group classes are divided into more or less creatively advanced groups, not into age divisions.

From 2021, the Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art in the Chamber Gallery in Słupsk began operating a screen printing studio. Similarly to the workshops operating at CAT in Ustka, its participants include youth, adults and seniors.


SCREEN PRINTING STUDIO in the Kameralna Gallery 

The screen printing studio  offers a wide range of possibilities in the field of graphics, illustrations and functional design. Screen printing is a traditional form of graphics called serigraphy, in which the printing form is a template placed on a fine mesh, where, after pressing paint through the matrix, a graphic is created that can be reproduced on flat surfaces such as paper or fabric. The studio is a space for people who are interested in artistic development and want to learn the screen printing technique. 


The aim of classes at the Photography and Film Studio is to learn how to create stories with images. The meetings are held in both theoretical and practical form, from learning the conceptual basis to making your own film etudes and editing. Each workshop participant is treated individually, due to differences resulting from experience, knowledge about filmmaking and expectations towards meetings in the Studio.


The workshop activities of the Sculpture and Ceramics Studio include a wide range of works in ceramic masses (plastic clay, porcelain, cast masses). The classes are focused on, among other things, hand-building unique functional and decorative forms, sculptural study, ceramic sculpture, creating plaster molds for casting, and decorating methods. The aim of the studio is specialized education, enabling the realization of passions, and expanding awareness of design and art. The studio offers workshops that develop sensitivity, imagination, manual and workshop skills, knowledge of contemporary art, ergonomics of functional forms and aesthetics. Practical classes are accompanied by consultations on the implemented project and support in searching for solutions to problems related to the topic being discussed.


The implementation of projects by resident artists in Ustka creates an opportunity for the local community to confront art and artists from various cultural circles. The intention of the gallery is to deepen cooperation with residents, which is why preference is given to projects involving the local community in the process of creation with artists from various, often very different cultural circles.



This is a competition plebiscite addressed to all educational institutions in Słupsk and Ustka. The plebiscite has been organized since 2013, during subsequent editions, 4 institutions in four age categories are selected each year (I – kindergarten, II – primary school and III – secondary school and IV – university, including the University of the Third Age). The victory is considered on the basis of points collected throughout the school year, which are awarded for participation in particular exhibition and educational forms. Scoring is based on the participation of both organized groups and individual students. At the end and official summary of each edition, the winners are awarded interim statuettes and the title of “Train Driver of Culture”.



Educational form


Audience group Frequency Place


A plebiscite aimed at increasing interest in the latest art as well as increasing attendance at the vernissages themselves and in all educational and exhibition forms.  Kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools  and universities, throughout the school year   Chamber Gallery / Witches’ Tower / Creative Activity Center


Lessons are prepared for each exhibition, develop its individual themes and problems, help break stereotypical thinking about contemporary art and facilitate contact with it. We want the lesson recipients not only to familiarize themselves with current exhibitions, but also to stimulate their imagination and inspire them to be creative. The necessary materials are provided by the gallery. Participation in the class is free. However, entry tickets to the gallery are valid according to the current price list. 

Artistic games are classes intended for the youngest groups of recipients on various topics, during which children can spend their time creatively, develop their imagination and manual dexterity, and shape their artistic sensitivity. Active participation in classes through play makes young art recipients familiar with the new place, the gallery, and the works that can be seen there. The necessary materials are provided by the gallery. Participation in the class is free. However, entry tickets to the gallery are valid according to the current price list.

Organized groups  (from kindergarten to high school)  

Throughout the school year 

Chamber Gallery / Witches’ Tower / Creative Activity Center 


During classes, young participants have the opportunity to learn various techniques, media and tools used in contemporary art. The form of the workshops is based on children’s natural need to express themselves through their own creative activity. The topics of individual meetings are dictated by the surrounding reality. The workshops discuss universal topics that are close to every person – both children and adults. We give you the opportunity to look “through the eyes of a child” and express your views on various issues, topics and problems. The form of the workshops encourages one’s own, unrestricted activity and gives the opportunity to express oneself. 

During the workshops, children will learn about issues related to fine arts, photography, film and literature. The workshops introduce children to the work and profiles of the most famous and respected contemporary artists. We teach young participants how to spend their free time creatively and creatively.
Participation in the workshops is free of charge.

Every last Saturday of the month 11.00 – 13.00 / throughout the school year  

Children aged

Chamber Gallery


Integrative artistic
classes including participants with autism spectrum disorders 

A series of workshops referring to the work of the artist leading the workshops will be addressed to families with children, including participants with autism spectrum disorder. It will involve working with painting, drawing and photographic materials and transforming them into new forms. During the meetings, participants will create their own objects of art by processing existing paintings, drawings and photographs, but also secondary waste. The ideas of recycling or upcycling will be introduced, as well as new methods of working with matter created directly during the workshops. Participants will share their observations and ideas regarding creativity using recycling materials. Planned activities during the workshops: paper wicker, photo collages, cut-outs, tear-outs, weaving pictures from recycled strings, handmade paper, etc. 

Participation in the workshops is paid – PLN 10 / 1 person.

1 meeting a month
Saturdays or Sundays,
12:00 – 14:00 Seniors, families with children, students aged 10-12
Creative Activity Center


a series of meetings and 
to seniors

During workshops dedicated to seniors, we will meet at the Creative Activity Center in Ustka and sit at a common table. The workshop leader will invite you to work together to create upcycling objects and to talk. She will present her working method of creating art objects from existing paintings, drawings and waste paper and encourage participants to do similar activities. You will be able to create your own works of art by destroying and reconstructing. Cutting, gluing, arranging or weaving will create new forms. It is a way of creating objects from secondary waste that exceeds the original value of the materials used.
Participation in the workshops is paid – PLN 10 / 1 person.
2 meetings a month
11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Seniors 50+
Creative Activity Center


Historic Thursdays are meetings for everyone interested in history, people, events, objects, items and places related to the city. These are open meetings to which anyone can come and to which everyone can bring souvenirs and other items from the past, found in attics, closets and other, sometimes unexpected places. Behind every trivial object, there can be a unique story. Participants often moderate subsequent meetings themselves, finding them in attics and family albums and then bringing them, thus giving them the so-called “second Life”. Every first Thursday of the month at 5:00 p.m. in Słupsk, throughout the school year  

Every last Thursday of the month in Ustka at 6:00 p.m., throughout the school year

Youth, adults, seniors

Witches’ Tower / Chamber Gallery  

Creative Activity Center


The meetings are based on a discussion between the recipient – artist – curator.
The meetings allow you to get closer to the presented exhibition.
Thursdays immediately after the opening of new exhibitions.  

Youth, adults, seniors

Creative Activity Center


Art workshops, meetings, self-presentations conducted by resident artists with the local community The form of the workshops, the age group and the number of participants are agreed individually with the artists. Creative Activity Center / occasionally galleries in Słupsk


Activities going beyond the walls of the gallery, addressed to a wide audience of both residents and tourists. The nature of the activities is socially engaged art and encourages people to express their thoughts and views freely and creatively.   

The project includes gallery activities, also with the participation of invited artists.

Local community, tourists  

July August 

Ustka, Słupsk 


– family workshops,
– exhibition of the CAT studio,  – making generally inaccessible rooms available, such as basements – prison places for women accused of witchcraft, – exhibition of “Witches” in the basement of the Witches’ Tower, Creative Activity Center – provides for the implementation of a program of open activities for the local community, opening CAT studio. Possibility to visit current exhibitions in BGSW exhibition rooms in Słupsk and Ustka, – workshops with residents – activities in public space

May 2023  

(exact date will be announced later) 

Chamber Gallery, Witches’ Tower, Creative Activity Center 


Workshops for children or families with children in the form of creative artistic games.  June 1, 2022 Witches’ Tower /  Chamber Gallery /  Creative Activity Center 


The screen printing studio focuses on the use of technology used to print on flat surfaces. Starting from graphic design, to the final effect in the form of a print on paper or textile materials. The aim of the classes is to familiarize participants with this technique, which involves using a printing form in the form of a template with a fine mesh applied to it. The reflection created through the use of screen printing is made by forcing ink through a matrix. Classes are held in groups depending on the age of the recipients.


The classes are aimed at teenagers and adults who are interested in screen printing from a practical perspective. The aim of the classes is to present the design processes and develop participants’ ideas from the initial to the final phase. The meetings are intended to show those interested the possibilities of using screen printing in the field of design and to continue the acquired skills in their further projects.
Participation in workshop classes is subject to a fee / PLN 60 per month
Once a week, throughout the school year
16:00 – 19:00 Youth, adults
Chamber Gallery



The classes are aimed at developing skills in the field of screen printing through an experimental approach to the materials used and intuitive discovery of new possibilities related to this field of graphics. Participants will have the opportunity to discover new ideas by delving into various creative fields, such as photography, illustration or textile art. An intuitive approach to work will help participants develop their technical skills in the field of screen printing and expand their sensitivity in the field of design and contemporary art.
Participation in workshop classes is subject to a fee / PLN 60 per month
Once a week, throughout the school year 

11:00 – 14:00 seniors

Chamber Gallery




The classes will help participants expand their manual skills through a creative approach to preparing projects for screen printing. The aim of the meetings is to develop technical and manual skills in the field of screen printing and to expand knowledge in the use of this technique in the field of contemporary art and design. 

Participation in workshop classes is subject to a fee / PLN 60 per month

Once a week, throughout the school year / 

youth, adults

Chamber Gallery


The activity of the screen printing studio consists in making products for sale at CAT Ustka with original, hand-made designs, available in limited editions. Occasionally, as needed, it is necessary to prepare further products Chamber Gallery



Classes at the Studio are aimed at people who are fascinated by all types of image recording and creation – photography, film, podcast, collage, animation, gif, etc. Classes are held in several groups depending on interest and level of advancement. Meetings are held in three groups.


The classes are aimed at teenagers and adults. Their aim is to familiarize participants with contemporary techniques of image recording and processing as well as its place in contemporary art. The classes are two-dimensional: theoretical, during which the instructor presents the principles of working with a camera and camcorder, and practical, when the students pursue their own topics individually or in groups. 

Participation in workshop classes is subject to a fee /
PLN 50 per month

Once a week, throughout the school year Youth, adults
Wednesdays, 4:30 p.m
Creative Activity Center


The studio is a place where more experienced photographers can recall traditional photo-taking techniques, and younger ones gain a new tool for artistic expression. In the digital world, silver photography is becoming more and more popular. Many contemporary artists use this technique, and during these classes you will learn its secrets. 

Participation in workshop classes is subject to a fee /
PLN 50 per month

Once a week, throughout the school year Youth, adults Thursdays, 4:30 p.m Creative Activity Center


The classes are aimed at presenting modern image recording and processing techniques and at teaching how to express one’s emotions through photography and film. The classes are two-dimensional: theoretical, during which the instructor presents the principles of working with a camera and camcorder, and practical, when the students themselves implement the topics individually or in a team. 

Participation in workshop classes is subject to a fee /
PLN 50 per month

Once a week throughout the school year Adults and seniors Wednesdays, 12:0 Creative Activity Center




The classes are aimed at young people and adults, candidates for art schools and universities, and people interested in non-figurative art, ceramic sculpture or applied art. The topics of the workshops are focused on the production of ceramic items that fall under the umbrella of artistic ceramics and sculpture. In addition to developing their skills in interpreting the topics discussed by implementing artistic concepts, participants of the classes have the opportunity to learn about ceramic workshops, including: methods of hand-made objects and possibilities of decorating them. 

Participation in workshop classes is subject to a fee /
PLN 50 per month

once a week
in the afternoon (duration approx. 4 hours). 

16:00 – 20:00 Youth, adults

Creative Activity Center



The classes are aimed at children, teenagers and adults, candidates for art schools and colleges, people interested in practicing the pottery circle, manual activities or looking for relaxing activities related to artistic fields or handwork. During the workshops, participants can expand their turning skills on a potter’s wheel as a result of regular practice. This form of activity is not only focused on the effect of a completed object, but also on the relaxing effect of clay sliding under your fingers. The classes are an alternative for people interested in creative practice, but who do not have sufficient availability to participate in classes lasting several hours. 

Participation in classes is subject to a fee / 1 hour of rolling PLN 50 / month

once a week  (Thursdays) , duration approx. 1 hour. 

Children, teenagers, adults

Creative Activity Center




The classes are aimed at young people and adults interested in design and related fields such as interior design, etc., unique and utilitarian ceramics, and manual activities. Classes aimed at consciously designing objects of functional ceramics and making them using hand-building methods or by casting into plaster molds. The aim of the meetings is to present and then improve the techniques of creating an object and its decoration, and above all, drawing attention to the path of creating an object, from inspiration to its final form thanks to the implementation of tasks. 

Participation in workshop classes is subject to a fee / PLN 50 per month

once a week in the afternoon (duration approx. 4 hours) 

16:00 – 20:00 Youth, adults

Creative Activity Center



A form of lectures/specialized presentations on topics related to ceramic techniques, its technology, and art – especially sculptural activities and ceramics. The aim of the meetings is to explore complex issues related to ceramics. Listeners have the opportunity to gain specialist knowledge supported by examples and presentations. An important part of meetings and presentations is to draw attention to the role of the author and his participation in the creative process and creative personality. Meetings open to all interested parties without restrictions. Cyclically several times during the education cycle. Mainly participants of the Rz&C Workshop meetings Creative Activity Center