You are currently viewing PERSONA (NON) GRATA / group exhibition

PERSONA (NON) GRATA / group exhibition


Lena Achtelik
Martyna Czech
Ewa Bloom Kwiatkowska
Miłosz Wnukowski
Beata Ewa Białecka
Magdalena Moskwa

Curator / Roman Lewandowski

7.04.2022 / 6 pm 
Centre for Creative Activities in Ustka
/ul. Zaruskiego 1a

7.04 –  26.06.2022
Centre for Creative Activities in Ustka
Small Gallery in Słupsk / ul. Partyzantów 31a



The exhibition “Persona (non) grata” is devoted to the problem of the aesthetic representation of the human being, the persona and the face, as well as the relations and connections between them. The mask is also one of the important themes and toposes of the project, as both the traditional and contemporary portrait can be analysed – as Hans Belting suggests – as a “mask of memory and as a mask of social identity”. Interestingly, the Greek antiquity, described the mask and the face with the same concept – persona – with autoprosopos being the real mask, and prosopeion the artificial one. In Ancient Rome, on the other hand, Latin already distinguishes between the terms “face” and “mask”, while later – in Renaissance theatre – the mask does not actually appear, although this is the era of the birth of the early modern portrait which, according to Belting, is a “protest against the cemetery”. When the first individual portraits began to be painted, the majority of the population ended their bodily existence still in ossaria. On the other hand, a portrait is an image of an image, since it is an attempt to represent the face, which is an image of ourselves and our identity

Honorary patronage

President of the City of Slupsk Krystyna Danilecka-Wojewódzka
Mayor of the City of Ustka
Jacek Maniszewski