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Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art 
Centre for Creative Activities  in Ustka
/ ul. Zaruskiego 1a

Weronika Teplicka


Centre for Creative Activities in Ustka

12.05.2022 / 5 p.m.


13 – 18.05.2022

“And each of us dies inside every day. 
Again and again.
Even while safe.
Even continuing to “live”.”
quote from Facebook

“Unbearable emotional pain every day.
A terrible dream from which it is impossible to wake up.
Anger, tearing the heart apart.
Rethinking life.
Rethinking death.
Rethink the power of human capabilities.
Rethink the meaning of faith.


The desire for freedom above all. 
All-embracing love is like a force that overcomes any obstacle.

This is a war for me now. “
Olena Naumenko

Olena Naumenko

Olena Naumenko was born in 1981 in Kiev. She has a degree in painting from the Kiev State Academy of Arts and Architecture (2005). She is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine (since 2008) and the artistic group “Yod”. “Using classical and modern techniques I work in the genre of contemporary art with the following materials: magnet, metal, ceramics, painting, crayons. I explore themes of redefining classical painting. Following the birth of my daughter, I deal with the theme of motherhood and the role of the mother-artist in contemporary society. I make video works in order to discover the world around me and try to understand my feelings.” – Olena Naumenko.