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Hanna Oborska / Portrait Through War / Trace

Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art 
Centre for Creative Activities  in Ustka
/ ul. Zaruskiego 1a

Discipline / ceramics
Period of stay / March – April 2022
Project title / Portrait Through War. Trace

Weronika Teplicka


Centre for Creative Activities in Ustka

27.04.2022 / 5 p.m.


28 – 4.05.2022

The photographic project, carried out during an artist residency, calls for drawing parallels between life after the war which began on 24 February in Ukraine, and a peaceful life before the war with russia.

I am portraying women refugees, forced to leave their country, Ukraine, with their children, and go to European countries such as Poland, Germany, France and Switzerland.

Photocollages are photos of portraits of women and children in a juxtaposition of damaged houses in Kiev, Bucha, Borodyanca, Kharkov made by Ukrainian photographers: Pavel Bagmut, Svetlana Savelieva, Jeka Kotenko. I intend to use my work to demonstrate the way in which the war has reached my country and changed our lives forever.

The second project was made in a ceramics studio. I was making casts in square clay tiles of objects that women and children took with them at the last minute before fleeing, things like keys, passports and jewellery.

Each cast has its own color, the color of objects which lost its saturation during the journey and escaping from war.

The integration part of the project is hand casts of people who helped pull us out of the chaos of war, hands helping all our women and children in Poland. / Hanna Oborska

Hanna Oborska

was born in 1980. She has a degree in Photography, Ceramics and Prison Education with Special Children. For a long time she participated in the artistic program with the Arsenal of Art as part of the international support for children with autism and Down syndrome. She is involved in curatorial activities for the annual White Nights Festival which gathers around 30 painters, sculptors, digital artists and installation artists.