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Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art 
Centre for Creative Activities  in Ustka
/ ul. Zaruskiego 1a

Country of origin / Ukraine
Discipline / video-art, textile, site-specific art
Period of stay / March – May 2022
Project title / Against the wall

Weronika Teplicka


Centre for Creative Activities in Ustka

20.04.2022 / 5pm


21 – 26.04.2022

The “Values” project was inspired by my personal experiences related to current situation in Ukraine. I would like to draw attention to the problems of our common world througt the humanitarian crisis, looking for the intangible value of human life. Observing the way in which lands with great cultural heritage are devastated and children lose their childhood, I tell a story about the power of the value of life, the perfection of each individual existence, individuality and the richness of the human soul. From the enemy’s point of view, they are only mass, something useless and worthless. What the present generations are going through, their war traumas will turn potential joy and love into “stones” in the future.

Anastasiia Ryabczuk

was born in Kiev. She holds a degree from the Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture (Master of Applied Decorative Arts). She works with different materials and techniques: enamel, ceramics, painting, graphics. Her works can be found in the Kecskemé Museum (Hungary), the Ukrainian Painting Museum in Dnipro and the National Museum of Applied Decorative Arts in Kiev.